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Simple Solutions,Unconventional Methods

Our church is landlocked. We have a nice parking lot, two actually. Thankfully, they both get filled quite often on Sunday mornings. As attendances have ebbed and flowed over the years, and as holidays roll around each Christmas and Easter, extra thought has to be given as to whether or not we will have enough parking spaces available. It is a good problem, but it is still a potential problem that has to be considered.
After all, we don't want visitors to get the sense that “We’re full.” or that there's “No room in the Inn.” It is intimidating enough for many to just walk into the church building. Parking shouldn’t be something stressful to navigate upon arrival to the church property as well. 
On the flip side, it is always fun to see how creative people can get when parking spots are at a premium. And, often it is the elderly folks that are the most determined to find a space that will work. I both hate and love to see an older lady shuffling in on a Sunday morning after wiggl…

That Caught My Attention!

“Are you seeking great things for yourself?”
Found in Jeremiah 45:5 (LB), that verse caught my attention the other day. “Are you seeking great things for yourself?” That’s a hard question. Yes. No. Maybe?
Are we supposed to seek great things? Or, are we to be more humble in our opinion of ourselves and our aspirations in life? The world would tell us, Yes! You deserve to be rewarded. Isn’t seeking great things how you get noticed? We are a prize and trophy-driven society. We even keep track of whether or not people “Like” what we say or share online. And the word, viral, is not something to be avoided, but rather is now associated with fame and greatness.
But, wait! The verse doesn’t end with just this open-ended question. It concludes with one emphatic word –
Yes, Don’t! Don’t seek great things for yourself. Wow! That is the exact opposite of the advice we hear from the world every day. But, sadly, I’ve even heard fellow Christians share those desires in Bible studies and small…

A Godly Woman – Who Me?

It’s that time of year again – Mother’s Day. This honorable celebration can bring up feelings of melancholy or sweet memories. Tears and laughter. 
But, what if I took it a step further and brought up the Proverbs 31 Woman? Would you instantly feel panic rising within and look for a place to hide? Do you hear yourself cry out inside “Oh no, not her! I don’t need any more guilt or pressure to perform.” Or, do you have days when you actually feel pretty good about where you are in life, until you start comparing. The Proverbs 31 Woman seems to have it all together, and we console ourselves that “She’s just too good to be true.” But, what if I told you that you and I are often living the life of the Proverbs 31 Woman. Yep, both you and me. By God's grace, it’s true!
I believe the Proverbs 31 Woman is actually reflective of a lifetime of loving, giving and serving. Not a snapshot of one day. After all, each day carries its own burdens. Why would we think a Godly woman has to do it all, …