For Women

If I asked you to define Women’s Ministry, what would you say it is?

Tea Parties
Exercise Groups
Silent Auctions
Mother Daughter Banquets
Support Groups
Prayer Meetings
Kitchen Committees
Bible Studies

Realistically, it could be – and has historically been – all of the above.

However, I’d like to challenge us to redefine it – personally and in the local church. I believe Women’s Ministry is best defined as something like this:

An intentional connection with women to express God’s love in an effort to draw them closer to Jesus.

How that plays out in our personal life or within the ministry of the local church is endless. It’s a case of the classic: An unchanged message with ever-changing methods.

Our challenge…

To find creative ways to connect with women of all ages, build relationships, provide opportunities and share resources to compliment Biblical truth and encourage women to grow in their personal faith journey.

The method really doesn’t matter – as long as your church leadership is okay with the plan. Women's Ministry is simply an avenue to organize ourselves to spread the hope of the Gospel with women in our church and communities.

So, don't get caught in the trap of doing things the same "because that's the way we've always done it." Perhaps that is the best way, but at least ask yourself - or your committee - is "the way we've always done it" still effective? If so, keep at it! If not, what other way could you try to intentionally connect with the women in your area? Pray about it. Try new things. See what works. Enjoy those who God brings across your path - whether a few or many. Invest in others, and trust God to grow your outreach.

If you need a little creative inspiration or some encouragement, check out these websites. They've been my “go to’s” when I need to jump start my imagination. Enjoy!

Before pinterest there was Julia! This website holds a great variety of ideas, devotions and downloads – some are even free! Julia specifically focuses on helping to resource the local church for effective outreach.

Great resources for Women’s Ministry Leaders – specifically selected to help equip women who serve, teach, counsel, and lead other women.

Many of us have used Group for their Sunday School materials or Bible studies. Consider checking out their women's ministry page for ideas, training opportunities and resources.

Great content that can easily be used as a springboard for meaningful connections with women. Jennifer describes the heart of her ministry in this way. “I’m just like you. I just do things a little differently. I happen to be blind. I write about real life and share what I’m learning from a real God. My goal is to create inspiring, relevant, and practical content that will empower you.”

‘Encouraging and equipping women for a life of faith’ with editor, speaker and author – Jill Briscoe. The website is full of solid, Biblical teaching, but here are some specific links on the site that are related to Women’s Ministry and/or leadership.

...and if you've never been exposed to Jill's teachings (books, audio, poetry) she has a tremendous heart for the Gospel to be proclaimed. She also is profound in many of her thoughts and creative in her approach to reaching out to a lost world. Jill shares her heart in a very practical and down-to-earth manner while consistently pushing the boundaries of the status quo. Her listeners can't help but find a true sense of understanding through her words and thoughtful encouragement.


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