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Sundays - Expecting the Unexpected!

No matter how diligently you prepare, sooner or later there will be a Sunday morning that challenges even the most devoted servant heart. I’ll admit that Sundays can be a mixed blessing. Some weeks go so smoothly, and God’s presence is sensed throughout the day. Other Sundays, however, can quickly challenge patience levels and are amazingly draining for both the pastor and his wife. 
When the phone rings on a Sunday morning at my house, it is typically not a good sign. Bracing for what is coming, I pick up the phone with a tentative “Hello” as I internally consider ways to rearrange my morning routine. The call can just be a simple request to bring some allergy medication along with me for my sweet husband. Or, I may hear my sweet pastor’s voice (yes, my husband!) letting me know that the sanctuary projection system has gone haywire. Now, he’s wondering if I can get it up and running again! Throwing on clothes, I consider what might be done to remedy the situation. As the clock ticks …

Make the Connection!

Is attending a carnival ministry? Sure! It’s a unique way to meet people and build relationships. This year, an out-of-town visitor asked my husband if he was the mayor of our town. The sincere question made us both grin! It is so refreshing at times to see things from a different perspective. Apparently, the man had seen my husband “working the crowd” and was intrigued. What this visitor didn’t know was that my husband is friendly all year long – not just at parades or when he is in the public eye. He genuinely loves people, wants them to feel special and takes the time to remember names. Shaking hands and giving hugs comes naturally to him. But, what do I do when “my pastor” is connecting with people? Often, a smile is all that’s needed.

People are always watching, and that reality is easy to forget. As Christians, we are in essence ‘on parade’ throughout the year. People are intrigued just to see what we will do, how we will handle ourselves and if we really care about those in our…