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Even A Cup of Cold Water

The principle taught by Jesus in Matthew 10:42 is embraced and lived out by many of us on a weekly basis. And if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones who is my disciple, truly I tell you, that person will certainly not lose their reward.” I have no doubt that God gives each of us opportunities to bless others, and for many of us the ‘cold water’ principle is simply a lifestyle.
There are countless ways we can bless others, and even the simplest act of kindness can make a huge difference in someone’s life.The personal sacrifice made can cost a lot or a little. Have you ever… Shared a granola bar or bottled water with someone seeking help from a street corner?Paid the bill for the car in line behind you at the fast-food restaurant?Offered the last piece of your ‘favorite holiday dessert’ to your eccentric, but lovable, Aunt Jo?Filled up the gas tank for someone passing through in need of a helping hand?Given up a ‘good seat’ for someone else?
My most recent en…

What's Hidden In Your Password?

Our lives revolve around passwords and choices that help us to control our private information. Our social security number or our signature used to hold all the power. Now, a ‘random’ sequence of digits and letters, or merely a ‘squiggly line’ gains access into our secret places. I can sign for my bank account, you can sign for my account and my bank teller can sign for my account.
Yep, just this past week a bank teller - whose electronic signature apparatus was being difficult – stopped requesting my signature and simply squiggled a line to access my cash. She didn't even ask for my permission. It was a bit bizarre to witness this ‘fraud’ – or what would have been considered forgery a few years ago  - by my own banking institution. But, we both got what we wanted. She was able to work around her tech challenges to accomplish my desired goal. That's good, right?
Access to 'secure' information is rapidly changing. Privacy is near impossible. Passwords and password require…

The Art of Rejoicing

The Bible encourages us to ‘Rejoice with those who rejoice.’ (Romans 12:15a), but do we truly rejoice with others? I witnessed a sad and confused little face at church one Sunday morning, and oh how I wanted to make it better. This little elementary-aged student happily greeted one of her adult friends as they entered the church. They then proceeded to announce quite proudly that they had just signed up for a special activity and that their lessons would begin soon. The response of the adult –
“I know, I saw that on Facebook.” 
The words weren’t necessarily the problem, but the tone of voice was. The child obviously felt dismissed and the joy on their face dissolved. I quickly intervened and celebrated with this little one on their upcoming adventure as the other adult moved on down the hallway. Now, I know the other adult intended no ill will at all. They were just numb to the ‘old news,’ and didn’t realize the impact that their response, or lack thereof, created in that child’s life. …

Trusting God to Care

Oh no! There she is, Lord. Why did I have to sit in this pew? How will I keep focused on you?
Pray for her.
But, she’s hurt me so badly. Every time I see her, the pain comes rushing back.
Pray for her.
Why is she with him? Does he know what hurt she can cause? I want to run and warn him!
That’s my job. Just pray for her.
I don’t trust her, Lord. She’s sweet one minute and caustic the next.
Pray for her.
You know how I wonder if she only speaks to me when she wants something. I hate being used, Lord.
I know you do, but pray for her anyway.
Why do my eyes keep wandering to her, I want to focus on your Word. 
You have a choice today. Where is your heart?
My heart is torn. I want to worship, but I'm so distracted.
Do you trust me?
Yes, Lord. I trust you. I just don’t like dealing with her, and I wasn’t expecting this today.
But, isn’t this what you have been praying for? For her to draw near to me. For there to be change. For her to truly come to know me (if she doesn’t).
Could I be witnessing answ…