Get Fed

On Sunday mornings - we invest, we absorb.

We all need to be fed spiritually, but for many of us Sunday mornings are a bit scattered. Our minds wander onto the person we need to connect with after worship or we gear up for the next task that is nearly at hand.

Creating moments of personal Sabbath and spiritual refreshment seem to never make it to the top of the 'to do' list - unless it is nearly midnight. At that point, our heart is craving a bit of insight and encouragement, but our body and mind has just had it. We've all but run out of steam for the day.

The next time you carve out a bit of time to invest in your spiritual life, consider checking out these great resources. Some are specifically geared toward the pastor's wife, some simply provide great opportunities to grow in our faith.

Totally free. Totally on your schedule. The 'JustONE' Virtual Conference is typically held in February of each year (see details below!) - and is totally online and viewed in the comfort of your home, on your phone during your travels or even in a small group setting. These quality - and compelling - video teachings include great testimonies of how God has worked in a variety of ladies' lives. They each share "just one" thing that God used to impact their life and ministry. There are 7 different series available - as well as access, after the fact, to the one that will be held this year! 

** Register today! 
This year's conference begins on February 4, 2019

From the convenience of your home. Practical teaching powered by God's truths. 

Deepen your walk with Christ with Susie's 'daily blessings' or access her radio broadcasts.

My key takeaway - The pastor's wife must invest in their own spiritual growth.


Practical and interactive. Dig deeper into your Bible.  



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