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Being Led By The Spirit

Over the past several months, I have been studying and teaching a women’s Bible study on the Book of Acts. The book is a wonderful account highlighting the events surrounding the birth of the early church – Christians – following Jesus’ resurrection and ascension. The book is also a wonderful biographical account of the life of Paul.

Within the book, there are all kinds of twists and turns. The Holy Spirit is made evident to many believers in a variety of ways – dramatically through tongues, with the laying on of hands, given to many, given to few, given to Gentiles and given to Jews. The story of life and drama are woven throughout its pages. People die. People are raised to life. Testimonies are shared, speeches are given. People are imprisoned and jailbreaks occur. Amazing miracles are displayed. Demons are cast out. Jesus is proclaimed as the true Messiah. People are saved – even whole households! Gentiles are saved. Jews are saved. Controversy breaks out in communities and among …