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Bible School – A place of miracles!

I am a product of VBS – Vacation Bible School. Memories of one particular Bible School are very vivid in my mind. I felt the distinct prodding of the Holy Spirit, but I was only 5 or 6 years old. I understood that I was a sinner. I wanted to be forgiven. A supernatural event, a true miracle, was happening in my heart and life.
And then sin got in the way. Yes, pride. I hate to admit it, but even at that young age, I had to fight against pride and a tendency to desire a bit too much privacy.
You see, my parents were a part of the prayer team that particular night at Bible School. As my heart softened toward the Holy Spirit’s call on my life to accept Jesus as my Savior, my heart also became harder. I was in a tug of war, and my stubborn pride eventually got in the way. Before I actually got out of my seat to make this significant step in my faith I froze.  I didn’t want to face my parents! I couldn’t face my parents! I didn’t want them to know that I was a sinner!I certainly didn’t want t…

Do Lost People Go To Church?

Yep, they sure do. At least they are in our church every week. How about yours? I bet there are children, teens and even adults in your church who have yet to begin a personal relationship with Jesus. And, I’m not even talking about the visitors that may attend your worship services from time to time.
So, when I heard someone speak about how the church needs to become more outward focused rather than inward focused I was a bit confused. Now, I do understand the concept and the caution given. As believers, and as churches, we can never assume that those who are spiritually hungry will just show up inside our churches on a given Sunday as simply as those who have physical needs rush to the doctor’s office. And, we must always be taking the Gospel into our community.
Where did the confusion come from?
In hearing this proclamation, my first thought was “Why do you think our churches are inward focused?” and “Why do you say that those older than 30-something aren’t outward focused?” Do you r…

I Sometimes Wish Adults Had Time Outs!

Wouldn’t life be simpler if we could all take a time out when life got crazy? I’m not even talking about a day off or a week of vacation. Just ten minutes to chill, have a momentary melt down or to just let off some steam – away from onlookers. I bet the clerks at WalMart would love the opportunity to have a ‘time out’ corner to retreat to during a hectic holiday event. School teachers! Wouldn’t it be a blessing for teachers to have a safe place, maybe a padded room or a sound-proof booth, where they could relieve some of their pent up frustration over a non-compliant child or a parent who is quick to judge. What a different world we would live in if we all had a safe place to regroup when life just isn’t going as smoothly as we had hoped!
After all, we give our kids the gift of time outs – even though they don’t know it is a gift! When kids whine, throw mini-tantrums or roll their eyes in disrespect, a time out is a great place to visit. Recently, I had to put one of my grandkids in t…

Are you listening to the still small voice of God?

Rick Gray, missionary to Uganda, confessed that he is often tempted to succumb to the whispers of the Evil One’s “accusing, dark and destructive suggestions:" You are too busy to pray. You will probably fail in ministry. Your heart will never change, and neither will the hearts of the people [you serve].
He continues, "But there is another, much softer voice that I hear far too little. He longs for me to take to heart his words:" You really only need to do one thing – stay close to me.Your worth depends on my blood that bought you, never on what you do. The ministry [before you] is about me, and its effectiveness depends on me, not you.I am changing your heart as my beloved son, and I am also changing the hearts of my dear children [right where you are]. Just like Rick, we also hear the contrasting voices that are vying for our attention. So, who are you quicker to listen to - the taunts of the Evil One or the encouragement of the Holy Spirit? When the accusing voice of Sa…