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Making the Most of the Count Down!

Have the past few weeks been a bit of chaos mixed with special moments with friends and family at your Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations? Hopefully, you’ve gotten in on some great deals during your holiday shopping and that you’ve had time to spend a few quality moments with those you love. In the midst of all these extra activities, the regular routines of life may get a bit overwhelming – washing clothes, cleaning house, paying bills and so on. One of the goals that wasn’t met in my life over the past two weeks was getting a blog post written. Often, I struggle with guilt over these types of self-imposed deadlines, but such is life. You do your best and then keep on going. And in the end, many things stressed over are not deal breakers in life. Learning to keep the most important things as the daily priority is a true challenge!

In an effort to encourage you to enjoy the spirit of Christmas each day as you count down to Christmas, here are a few ideas we are sharing at our Wome…