The Battle Is The Lords – With or Without Us!

Sometimes we get in the way of God’s work. We don’t mean to. We may not even know that we’re complicating life. We’re well-intentioned, hardworking, conscientious and responsible. Dependable is our middle name. But when all is said and done, God doesn’t need us to fight His battles. He’s got it!

It’s a tough balance. Knowing when to press on, to persevere and pray through. Or, when we should just be still. Still. Do we even know how to be still?

Psalm 46:10 begins with this statement, “Be still and know that I am God.” We could spend days considering what our lives would be like if we fully embraced those words and learned to slow down and truly trust that God has it all under control. We can gain great comfort in that knowledge, but to further understand how amazing that reality is we must look at the verse in context. The psalmist actually begins by stating that “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.The words, “Be still” now gain a far deeper meaning. Taking a moment out of our crazy, hectic schedules to be still is a tough thing to do, but that doesn't fully encompass what the psalmist intended. Rather, his call to action is to be still “in the midst of trouble.” 

Is stillness your first reaction when trouble comes your way? Panic, is probably more typical. Or, anger. We all react a bit differently to uninvited stress, worry and irritation. When trouble comes our way, I would guess that most of us don't immediately switch gears to being still and knowing that God’s got it under control. 

One dictionary defines the word, still, as “deep silence and calm.” Another says that the state of being still is “to not move or make a sound.” The commentary notes in my NIV Study Bible say that “the Hebrew for this phrase probably means ‘Enough!’” and  “Know means to acknowledge.” So, when the psalmist said, “Be still and know” [that I am God], we have quite the challenge. When trouble comes – and it will – we must learn to stop and say ‘Enough!’ to the feelings of panic and fear that come creeping around our hearts and mind, and instead take those thoughts captive by ‘acknowledging’ the Almighty God we serve!

We must live with confidence in God’s power like David did in 1 Samuel 17:47 when he declared to that arrogant Philistine that he would soon be conquered by his hand. David wasn’t being boastful or proud. Rather, his righteous indignation bubbled over, and he looked Goliath in the eye and basically said, Enough! My God’s got this, and you can’t do anything about it! David’s confidence in God’s power was fully evident when he proclaimed that All those gathered here will know that it is not by sword or spear that the Lord saves; for the battle is the Lord’s, and he will give all of you into our hands.” And in the Living Bible those same words are translated as “The Lord does not depend on weapons to fulfill his plans – He works without regard to human means!” God’s got this.

What a blessing we have in serving a God who isn’t dependent on our brains or brawn. Yet, He loves us so much that He asks us to be a part of His plan. He challenges us to trust Him. He asks us to speak up, work diligently, stand strong and live at peace with others. There is a time to act, and there is a time to ‘Be still.’ We can stand on the sidelines of life, or we can stay faithful. Moving forward. Trusting God’s timing and provision in every circumstance of life. God may not need us to fight His battles, but He often uses us to bring glory to His name.

Jennifer Rothschild’s perspective on coming to grips with the fact that God didn’t need her is very thought-provoking. She says, “For years, I tried to write my own spiritual success story. I strived, worked, performed, and served. But, if I am really honest, I admit I did lots of that striving, working, and serving because, deep down, I really thought God needed me. I know, I know… like His kingdom here on earth would come crashing down if little old me didn’t run herself ragged working, serving, and striving! For years, I lived my Christianity as if God needed me more than I needed Him. I was self-sufficient, not God-dependent. So, to read, ‘God is not served by human hands as if He needed anything’ (Acts 17:25) was a big blow to my self-imposed, self-sufficient spiritual stardom! But, it was also the best bad news ever because it freed me to see that…God doesn’t need me, God wants me.”

What a blessing God has given each of us by encouraging us to "Be Still" in Him. May God grant us each wisdom to know when to rest in His almighty power, when to stand firm and say "Enough!" and when to simply bask in the knowledge that God loves each of us more than we'll ever know! I'm so glad to know that He truly is God!

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  1. Thank you for this reminder. This verse has been coming up to me many times over the last month. It is hard to be still, but I am practicing it and finding it refreshing. God is God and I am not and in the stillness, it great to be shown that He has everything under control. I know these things, but it is when I am quiet and still that it becomes so real to me.
    Thank you.

  2. The song, Still, by Hillary Scott has been my 'go to' lately when I need a bit of a focus reboot. There have been days - while I'm driving - that I just keep hitting replay, trying to fully embrace God's love and grace in my life and in the lives of those I hold dear.

    I love her 'official' youtube version of the song too! Check it out when you have a minute to rest and reflect -


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