Sunday Morning Madness

Every Sunday morning I have a choice – and so do you. How flexible will I be? When the exit timeline takes a hit, do I have the tools to quickly recover? What damage will be done in my Christian witness or personal sanity when the unexpected delay hijacks a peaceful home? How quickly will I embrace a ‘make it work’ mindset so that I can successfully get out the door?

While embarrassing to confess, my recent ‘make it work’ moment brought me face to face with whether or not I was going to choose an ungrateful attitude. What was so traumatic? Well, as I was in the five minute countdown to head out, I realized that there was no electricity running through the bathroom sockets. Apparently it had been disconnected when our doorbell was replaced earlier in the week. How the bathroom and the doorbell are connected I don’t fully understand, but I needed those last few minutes to finish my hair and get out the door! Silly vanity, I know. This schedule delay and the energy it took to deal with the frustration wasn’t how I hoped my morning would begin. As my blood pressure began to rise, I could see my timeline disappearing quickly before me.

In that brief moment, I had a choice. Would I allow this inconvenience to throw my whole day off? As I faced my crisis moment, a solution was rather quickly found. I noticed that the hallway fan was running as usual. So, I plugged my hair apparatus into that socket to then realize that the cord wouldn't reach any where near the bathroom mirror. Hmmm. Standing with hair implements in hand, I looked up and ‘thanked God’ that I was able to see my reflection in the glass of a hallway picture hanging right in front of me. Crisis averted! I quickly got my hair done and was now ready to face the world.

Then, I got to church.

As I entered the church foyer, I glanced at my husband to see how his morning was going. Everything looked calm. He was enjoying welcoming people and giving hugs to the children. I double checked my stack of papers for Sunday School and feeling prepared entered the sanctuary. I shook a few hands, gave a few hugs to some of the elderly saints, and then I caught sight of the sound booth. My panic button came to life again! I had forgotten to add the Children’s Church slide on the front end of my husband’s sermon. Uh oh! So, with just a few minutes before the service was to start, I ‘calmly rushed’ over to the sound booth and begged a favor from the computer tech who graciously consented to get things squared away. Whew! 

Now, would it really have been that big of a deal if the slide was missing? Probably not, but, it would have likely created that awkward moment when the pastor begins the sermon and the Children’s Church Director and the children are looking at each other saying “Should we go now?” Second crisis averted – in less than 30 minutes.

I take a deep breath. Refocus my brain, and say “Thank you, Lord, for reminding me!”

Oh, but there’s one more thing. The nursery. Is it staffed today? I scurry down the hallway to check on things. “Sweet!” - I whisper - as I find volunteers waiting eagerly for some little ones to care for. But, it looks like these teens might be serving the church body with the gift of availability today. As use of the nursery ebbs and flows, we seem to be in a season of low census. I love the eagerness of these young ladies, and I wonder how we can possibly make this hour more beneficial to our faithful volunteers?  

A bright idea hits. Should I share? It can’t hurt to ask.

“Girls, if things stay quiet, would you be interested in creating a few cards for some in the church family who could use a bit of encouragement?” They are open to the idea. What fun! I create a quick list of names and needs. I bring them some cards that were on hand in the church office and a copy of the Church Photo Directory to help them identify who their well-wishes will be going to. I thank them for their gift of service and enter the sanctuary once again.

Breathe. Refocus. Embrace God’s message, and pray for my husband as he shares from God’s Word.   

While the details vary each week, today was just another Sunday. When all is said and done, corporate worship, service to others and working together are all special blessings that can be easily missed if we allow life’s unexpected moments to distract us. Whether we have a wardrobe crisis or face situations that may or may not be within our control, we have a choice as to how we will respond and what priorities will direct our day. The bottom line for me was summed up in the closing thought of the sermon which said “How amazing is it that God trusts me to communicate His message about His Son?” What a privilege we have been given. We have an amazing Savior, a life-changing message and endless opportunities each week to live out and share the message of Jesus Christ! 

What challenging moment recently caught you off guard on a Sunday morning? Did you choose to have a ‘make it work’ moment or did you have a melt down? Depending on the season of life and ministry you are currently in, you may be faced weekly with many demands. Perhaps you feel like you’re being pulled in all directions - from your children, your grandchildren or even your aging parents - with no end in sight. You may be facing the reality that you’re over committed with ministry obligations or perhaps you’ve yet to figure out how you fit in. Whatever your circumstances, how are you handling the Sunday Morning Madness when it erupts? 

We need to always remember not to give in to the chaos, but rather...

“Whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.” Colossians 3:17

May we all trust in God's provision to 'make it work' each and every day as we seek to bring glory daily to His name. 


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