Things Aren't Always Like They Seem

They say hindsight is 20/20. If only we knew then - in marriage, in ministry, in relationships, in parenting, in career decisions - what we know now, we might have made different decisions, right? And yet, that's not our reality.

We walk through life either in our own independence and self-reliance or within the Holy Spirit's guidance. We can't ride the fence, at least for very long - and never successfully. Without realizing it, we often live like we really can have it both ways. Independent in self, dependent on God.

We have a choice each day, to either take our dreams and forge ahead or to take them before God and see what doors He opens. That is the hard part. Trusting on either end of the threshold. It takes courage and perseverance to actually walk through many of the doors God opens, even when we have longed for the opportunity. It takes strength, trust and surrendered dependence on our Savior to stop at the threshold and obey God's loving caution tape that warns, Do Not Enter.

Hmmm, that's starting to sound like the story in the Garden, right? And, we know how that turned out! Talk about hindsight having 20/20 vision.

The good thing about our life situation in a world that is continually in upheaval is that God has never been blinded by false advertising or questionable reporting. He doesn't fall for the ignorance or sinfulness of man's ambition, and He certainly doesn't get blindsided by the devil's schemes. God is aware and He cares.

He sees all.
He knows all.
He has power over all.
He is sovereign.

We don't have to see or know the truth in life's situations because God will guide us as a blind man. He will make our ears more attentive and our senses more keen when we rely on Him to guide us. Things aren't as they seem in this world. God may give us a glimpse of the forest once in awhile,  but often we can only see the tree in front of us. Paul reminds us in I Corinthians 3:19a, that "the wisdom of this world is foolishness in God's sight."

No matter what situation or relationship is tender to your heart right now, God sees the whole truth. His wisdom far surpasses any temporal circumstances and goes way beyond our perceptions and understanding. His vision can lay bare the motives, the hurts and the vulnerability that all humans are motivated by in life, be that for good or bad.

Do you have a decision to face? Seek His guidance. Are you unsettled and restless. Ask for His direction. Are you fearful of the future? Choose to, once again, trust the only One who knows our future and the future of those we love.

Psalms 118:8 encourages and guides us into the future with these words: "It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man." Our world may say, "We're in this Together," but we can shout to our minds, spirits - and to the world - that "We're in this with God!" Now, isn't that the safest and most promising place to be?

What will you entrust into His all encompassing view today?


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