We Are Privileged To Be A Witness

“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.” 3 John 4

There they stood. The three of them. Grown men, yet boys. How many prayers were answered in this one sweet moment?

Thank you, God, for the privilege to see this glimpse into time. I’ve only heard stories of the antics of these boys from decades ago. Now grown men. But, here they are in church together. Standing. Sharing. Side-by-side. Enjoying a moment of comradery, friendship, connectedness. A lifetime of shared memories.

These men each have a unique story, and I only have a small understanding of the lives they have lived. They’ve each seen trouble. Drugs and alcohol, sports and school, marriage and divorce, babies lost and babies born, heartbreak and humor. A lifetime spent in the same community and now back in church together. Decades have passed. Some are dads, some are grandpas – all are saved!

I can only imagine the tears that have been shed by their mothers over the years. The fear, the anxious moments, the prayers. “Lord, how can I reach him? What should I do?” “Lord, have mercy on my boy. Please protect him and show him the way.” What would their lives have been like without their mother’s prayers? I shudder to wonder.

Why am I so privileged to get a glimpse of Your holy work today, Lord? Thank you for guiding my eyes to witness this moment, to see your grace in these three lives. Healed marriages. Healed hearts. Healed spirits. And, now they are all back in church and seeking to serve You. It is actually beyond my imaginings, Lord! I could have never conceived of this moment in time. But, there they are. Giving You the credit for all that You have done in their lives. The mercy You have showered on them. The grace You have given them over and over again.

Thank you, Lord, for giving me this moment. The privilege to witness Your power seen in changed lives. Thank you for protecting and providing a way for these boys, now men. No matter how far they strayed from You, it was never too far to come back. Thank you for their sweet friendship today. For their humble spirits. For their witness to each other.

And, Lord, thank you for the prayers of their mothers.

Oh, what a day it will be when I can celebrate with each of their mothers in heaven. I can only imagine what joy will shine from their eyes and the smiles that will radiate from their faces. Their prayers, their sons, they’ve made it to their heavenly home! Oh, that I too will witness the grace of God in the lives of those I love today and those who will be born, live and love in the generations that will follow.

Dear Lord,

May You give me the strength to be faithful in prayer for the generations to come, for my grandchildren, my children, their spouses, for my husband - and my pastor. May I not give into the fears or ‘what ifs’ of life. May I trust that You see each of those I love and that You have a way planned for each of them. May I find comfort in Your promises and have the courage to speak Your name as I have opportunity. May they grow to understand how much they need You each and every day. May they seek You, put their trust in You and surrender their will to You. And, Lord, when it is in Your will and way, may I be privileged to be a witness of Your work in their lives? Thank you, Lord, for hearing my mother’s heart cry, for Your grace in each of our lives and Your promise of a bright future now and in the days to come.




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