Searching For Truth

A beautiful, framed picture hangs in our living room above an antique upright piano. It was a gift from some dear friends. The artist’s drawing is focused on two key elements: the weathered hands of an older man and the pages of the Bible that he is turning. The background is shadowed with only one other detail that calls to your eye. A red ribbon laying loose on the table waiting to serve a purpose again.

For many years, I loved catching a glimpse of these strong hands digging into the Scriptures. I even embraced the picture's simple but profound title, 'Search For Truth.' But, in recent years, this picture only served as a reminder of friends lost and life's disappointments. I was no longer able to focus on the truth, the hands or the pages of the Bible. I only saw the faces of the couple that had gifted us with this picture. The man had since gone on to be with Jesus, but his wife had decided to no longer attend our church. Her absence tore at my heart, and I struggled to enjoy this once-treasured gift.

Today, when I glanced up and saw the picture (the one I had nearly thrown out), I wasn't haunted by our friends’ faces. I didn’t even see the hands, the red ribbon or the pages of the Bible being turned. What my eye was drawn to was a scripture reference that was underneath the title, Search For Truth. I'd never noticed it before. “I wonder what that verse says?”

I picked up my phone and typed in the reference, Psalm 119:73. A smile came to my face as I read “Your hands made me and formed me; give me understanding to learn your commands.” I couldn’t stop there, so I read on to verse 74 as well. “May those who fear you rejoice when they see me, for I have put my hope in your word.” 

Wow! What a great reminder of our Creator God and his work in our lives, and what an amazing story the artist was telling. The hands, the scriptures and the hope we can find in God’s Word. I’m so glad that I hadn’t given into my sense of pain and loss by throwing away this special gift! It still hangs in the spot it has for years, but it is like a newly found treasure – especially since the wife has returned back to church in recent months. The picture now reminds me to keep focused on the truths found in God’s Word, and it serves as a sweet reminder to always “put my hope” in Christ alone.

What a privilege we’ve been given to not only search out God’s truth, but to also understand it and apply it to our lives each and every day. I could have easily allowed the cares of this world to be my focus in the (temporary) loss of our friends, but I’m grateful that God brought me to this turn in the road where I can rejoice in His Truth and in the precious gift of Truth given by some dear friends many years ago!

Thank you, Jesus, for giving us a window into Your Truth and for bringing healing to our lives - even when we least expect it! May the testimony of our friends be one of rejoicing in our presence because they can see that we “have put our hope in your Word.”


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