Different Kinds of Callings

Callings come in different ways to different people. I’ve heard of women who felt a call to be a pastor’s wife – even before they met their husband-to-be. Others speak of receiving a call to be a pastor’s wife coinciding right along with the calling that their husbands received to be a pastor. When I first heard those stories I wondered if I was missing something. I had never felt called to be a pastor’s wife. Was that ok? Or, was something wrong with me? 

What’s interesting is that I never gave a calling much thought until I met my husband back in college. He had a dramatic experience when he was called to be a pastor, and following that call he began a 10-year “Jonah” run from God. By the time I met him, however, he had returned to God and had started to follow God’s calling on his life. Even though I had never felt a call to be a pastor’s wife, I did have a strong desire to partner with this man I loved dearly – who had been called into full-time vocational ministry.

As I’ve reflected on the topic of calling through the years, I believe that God’s calling on my life came in waves of understanding.

After nearly two decades, God brought a memory back to me - a worship service at my home church when I was a young teen. On that particular Sunday morning, a guest speaker challenged the church body to be open to God’s call on their life. He said something like this, “Are you willing to allow God to use you for His glory?” I remember a very strong tug at my heart that day (along with my hesitation to stand since my parents were right there beside me). By God’s grace and in His strength, I didn’t let my insecurity or pride stand in the way, and I stood to indicate my willingness to be used by God in any way He desired.

While I had never actually forgotten that defining moment in life, I hadn’t put two and two together until I was in my early 40’s. I was amazed and awestruck with the reality that I had, in fact, been called to ministry years earlier. God had called me to work alongside of my husband - within the local church!

Have I had Moses moments in this journey of faith and ministry? Definitely! My life is defined by “Me, Lord?" - when I would once again face the question, “Are you willing to let me use you?” As I continue to submit to His will (sometimes quicker than others), I have been overwhelmingly blessed and privileged to grow in my love and service for God and others. To share the hope of the Gospel message is a call that will last until the day I meet my Savior in eternity, and I pray that I will remain faithful to His call until that day.

Perhaps God did actually give you a moment in time when you received a specific call to ministry or you just knew that someday you would be a pastor’s wife. Or, maybe you’ve never really thought about God calling you in this way. Either way, I have no doubt that God has worked in your life to reveal your unique story of grace. My calling from God didn’t come packaged as having the title of pastor’s wife, but that is where my calling to serve my Savior ended up. 

What I think is fun to consider is if you too, have taken time to consider the unique - and amazing - ways God has called you to serve Him for His glory? Whatever that may look like, my prayer for you and I today is found in the words of 1 Samuel 12:24 (ESV) - “Only fear the Lord and serve him faithfully with all your heart. For consider what great things he has done for you."

Walking alongside of you, and with you, on this journey! 




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