Christmas Miracles

God is alive and well, and He is at work in our lives! Yes, the God of all miracles is still working miracles today. I have no doubt that people are witnessing God’s miraculous touch all over the world today, but what happened to get me so excited?
  • Did I witness a miraculous healing? No – at least not this week.
  • Did I experience a dramatic moment of reconciliation and forgiveness? Not this week.
  • Did I receive a substantial gift that balanced out an outstanding account? Not recently.

What did I experience? The gift of a miraculous healing in my heart! God blessed me with an unexpected moment - a healing that only He could do. This healing has been taking place over the past several years through much prayer, discipline and determination. However, God took me a giant step further in my journey of healing, and it was quietly unveiled to me during a Sunday worship hour…

As I stood holding my granddaughter, I was not only praising God through song but I was also praising Him for the blessings in our lives. To be able to hold this little one was such a gift – as she’ll soon be too big to hold! To hear her perk up and join in singing one of the songs she had learned on the radio made my heart warm. To see her love on her grandpa earlier in the morning - the way only a granddaughter can do – simply priceless.

While my voice continued in praise and my mind wandered in thanksgiving, I was caught off guard by a sweet peace as I worshiped the Almighty One...

“That’s the song. Yes, I think that is the song. I’m singing with joy, Lord! I love the message of this song. I am genuinely praising you, God!  Wow, the memory of heartache is so faint. This is amazing, Lord!”

So, what was going on? This particular song had been crushing to my heart for years. For too long it had continued to stir up memories and visions of past heartache. This song had made me walk out of a worship service a time or two – or at least mentally block it out until it was over. This song, and the associations I had with it, had been evidence of a broken heart for too long. A heart that longed to be healed. 

Now, in an unexpected moment of worship, God gave me the gift of a Christmas miracle. I now knew that He had “restored my soul” (Psalm 23), and that is something God, and God alone, could do in my life. The thought fills me with excitement and joy!

  • It was unexpected even though I prayed for it.
  • It was awesomely timed so that I have a great day to tie the memory to.
  • It was a moment of God opening up His arms and showering His grace over me.
  • Only He understood my thoughts. 
  • Only He could bring about this miracle of healing in my heart.
  • Only God.

As I continue to be astonished and am full of rejoicing, I ask God to bless you with His miraculous wonders this Christmas season. Whether He brings to you a new miracle or simply brings you newfound joy in the miraculous birth of His One and only Son, Jesus - our Messiah. May you be blessed by the many miracles that surround us every day - and in those yet to be revealed. 

“Sing to the Lord, praise his name;  proclaim his salvation day after day. Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous deeds among all peoples.” Psalm 96:2-3


  1. God is so awesome and amazing. I simply had chills reading what God did in and through you on Sunday. Thanks for sharing this. I am so glad you had this experience of God's peace.

    1. Thanks Janet! My Christmas prayer for you too!!!

      ...and then, God blessed me with another moment this week. Not a miracle, but definitely a God-ordained moment that blessed me on a day when multiple 'fiery arrows' had been sent my way.

      So, at the close of this challenging day I started my car to head home. My radio came on instantaneously - and a bit blaring, if I might add! In that moment, the temptation to go down the 'woe is me' path was stopped cold as the joy-filled proclamation of "Ain't nobody gonna steal my joy!" set my sights on things above! I couldn't help but laugh out loud - literally - as I drove home...singing all the way. Thank you, God! My joy is not based on circumstances, but is only in You and You alone!

      If you need a little 'joy booster' in your life tonight, check out the youtube video of "Old Church Choir" by Zach Williams. It's good stuff!!!


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