Interruptions & Priorities

Over the last few days I have beaten myself up a bit since I missed my self-imposed goal of sharing a thought or challenge with you every Saturday night. I am now officially three days behind schedule. Why? I could give you several excuses, but the reality of life is that we each have schedule challenges, and when that happens we all find ourselves scrambling for sanity amidst all the demands. The goal - prioritizing those demands before we get too frazzled and keeping some semblance of balance in the process.

So, what got me off my routine? Just one extra change to my schedule, but that change took a bit of extra mental energy. I soon realized that I had to make a choice of where to expend my extra energy for the weekend - and my two grandsons won out!

Then today, I was in the church office working hard to complete a few projects when I heard someone call out, "Pastor." This call was repeated several times before I was able to find the visitor and ask if I could help him. An hour later, and after some great discussion about the Bible and God's love for each of us, I prayed with this young man and we separated our ways. I returned back to the office and had to quickly prioritize what had to be done rather than what I had hoped to get done.

Interruptions will come when least expected.

Priorities will often need sorted and resorted in a day's time - or maybe even hour by hour.

After all is said and done, what is our goal for each day? Do we have time for interruptions? Are we willing to adjust our priorities as the day's events ebb and flow? How flexible are we in our schedules, rhythms and routines of life?

Where is God in that schedule? Is He an interruption or a priority?

I confess that my relationship with God is of highest priority in my life, but often I allow interruptions to keep me from spending time with Him. I have a true heart to encourage others - especially those who are married to their pastors - but I must keep the precious moments spent with my grandchildren high on the priority list as well.

Much wisdom is needed when we are in the midst of these changes to our schedules. Our emotions pull and tug at us to go one way. Our work ethic screams loudly in another direction. Having the self-control to be flexible in our journey with God each day allows us to enjoy all that God has planned for us. Schedules are just that - schedules. We must learn to run our schedules and not allow our schedules to run us!

I find great comfort in Isaiah 30:21 which shows us the great compassion God has for us when we need His guiding hand. It says, "Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it.”

Are you listening for His voice? Are you willing to change course and follow that voice when it tells you that "This is the way; walk in it."? Let go of those things that are not necessities and allow yourself the freedom to walk in the path God sets before you today.

Listen for His voice! Truly listen. What are God's priorities for your life today?


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